Debusinessing the business cards

My job ends one month into the New Year. Rather than put my crisp stack of business cards to use and look for its successor, I’ve found another use for them: mini index cards.

Business card holder

Over the years, my handwriting has shrunk to match the diminishing Japanese pen tips that I obsess over. I can’t claim the excuse I once heard from a Romanian who, as a student, developed tiny handwriting to save paper, but I can claim a super human nearsightedness so strong I can focus on the eyes of a guy as I kiss him.

Writing vs pen; then and now

I’ve newly christened my former business cards as scene cards to help outline my current novel. My nanowrimo draft served as a fun introduction to my plot and characters, including new ones I didn’t know I would have, with many (most) scenes skipped and the ones recorded mostly skippable. After dreamstorming1 a few sprawling pages of possibilities, I pick my favorites to form a deck of scene cards. Next, playing around with the arrangement, I form a scene-by-scene outline that I’ll use to get to the second draft.

Feeling like a proper madman with all these cards tacked crookedly on the last bare wall of my bedroom, I have timelines intersecting and diverging for my three main characters. Slowly, each card is filling with my scrawled tiny pen scratchings. Photo to come.

1. The scene cards I read in Robert Olen Butler’s From where you dream. Although sometimes his approach frustrates me with the reek of mumbo jumbo, overall, I appreciate his points.