Zombie inspiration

Zombie peanuts
What do zombies and new year’s resolutions have in common? Special dietary considerations. But while our undead companions have an isolated affinity for more cerebral matter, this time of year we yearn for well balanced pyramids waking with a series of sun salutations and regular downward dogs.

I read ‘Warm Bodies’ last night after discovering it in ‘the-book-was-better’ section of the bookstore (fun read, well written, but why didn’t he write out the climax?). Apparently not all brains were created equal and Perry’s brain was extra special for R. While they say, you are what you eat, what does that translate to for our sources of inspiration?

My thought process began with ‘I’m a carnivorous reader’, although with no clear idea of what that meant and what it would mean to balance my intake with some good-for-me greens. Let’s go back to the food pyramid.

It starts with the sun, basking in that yellow light, transformed to calories we can use in plants, eaten and transformed again (and again?) into animal (and brains). That primordial energy is akin to the great mysterious other, the muse, maybe your god, the great divide that is the human condition that we nevertheless seek to cross, our raison d’être. But while too many cloudy days can make us very dull, ultimately, they won’t kill us. Lack of food, on the other hand, will, including direct from the source get-out-there life experience and the fictions cooked, digested and reincorporated from it. I’ll try not to take this too far and ask what fibre is best to keep us regular (except that I just did, oops). Remember though, not all foods (brains) were created equal, so consider your palate and what it’s doing for you.

But what about resolutions? Rather than lofty goals of transformation, let’s take life just one bite at a time. And while I could begrudge the every day regular necessity of chewing, I prefer to savour the taste.


2 thoughts on “Zombie inspiration

  1. Can’t help wondering if you talk like you write. 🙂 I like the way you sound when I read what you have written. I think I am going to do an entry about a blogger’s voice..

  2. I’m not sure that I do, entirely. Certainly, I speak with as many diversions and tangents — if anything, I manage to contain them somewhat here. I’ll be sure to look for your post on voice.

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