Getting personal

Coming out of the trees

I’m fairly new to blogging. I started in the new year in time with my work finishing and moving and supposedly gaining oodles of time for writing. It’s not an easy thing for me to put my words out and, yet, it’s also the easiest thing in the world. This isn’t quite anonymous, and yet there’s a sense of strangers abounding. But friendly ones, kind and supportive. Frankly, blogging seems to be a cult of positivity… I’m in.

Recently, a circulation of blog awards inspired me to write more about myself. I’m not entirely sure I agree with them, given that they’re basically chain mail, so I’ll just skip to finally sharing personal tidbits.

So here are a few things about me:

  • My friends may think I’m one of the most forthright people they know, but I still think of myself as the speechless shy girl from childhood. At 11 (12?), my writing was still in an incredibly morbid stage and I wrote a rhyming epic poem called Death. For some reason, I thought it was a good idea to break into public speaking by memorizing this poem and sharing it (without notes) to the entirety of my high school (~100 student/small town/everyone knows everyone knows that I was the principal’s daughter). I stepped up to the podium, my principal dad was hiding behind the curtain watching, I started… and then went blank. I couldn’t remember a word.
  • Ok, the “morbid phase” is kind of ongoing. My grade 5 teacher suggested I get counseling; getting awarded for a story at my cegep “it was…interesting” from the dean; my next novel (in planning) involves lots of gouging of eyes.

  • I have a “thing” for trees. I like to photograph them whole with nothing but unobstructed sky behind them. And, sometimes, I fake it! This tree is not faked. He’s waiting for a storm to pass in Arizona near the Organ Cactus Park.
  • The novel I’m working on seems to prominently feature online dating and fashion. I dabbled online (with weak results) and I really know nothing about fashion (fashion for me = waterproof breathable). Luckily, the story takes place in a future far from here.
  • I’m from a farm on an island in Quebec. I worked hard to lose that accent when I left (g’day, eh?) but now I’ve worked hard to keep my Canadian these past couple of years in the US (s-o-rry, not sahry). Possibly, I’ll start a revival of machine for thingy/doodad/whachamacallit borrowed direct from the french machant.
  • I like to think I’m not too attached to things but I still miss my before last car, Trusty Justy turned Rusty Justy that I finally turned in when I moved from Van. His Subaru stars hang on my shelf beside the Ford insignia of the first “off-roading” car I drove to death, the Surf Sister, a Ford Escort.
  • I own two tents, two sleeping bags (I’ve retired two), two camping stoves, onto my second crash pad, my second lead rope, my second pair of backcountry ski boots, my second helmet (the first died in the trunk of my car not with my head in it). I’m down to two ~40L packs. I’m looking for a second sleeping pad. And I currently own only three pairs of climbing shoes (each move I’ve abandoned more). I don’t own many non-outdoor related things (’cause I just sold my car!).

I’m inspired by all the crazy and weird and obscure things that everyone shares, so keep sharing them!


4 thoughts on “Getting personal

  1. I also love the “cult of positivity” that is blogging. I think it helps encourage everyone to do more of what they want to be doing. It can also be a bit of a time-suck, but everything has two sides.

    It’s highly entertaining that you tried and tried to get rid of your Canadian accent, and now you’re trying to hold onto it. Thanks for sharing all these tidbits! Great post!

  2. Great getting to know you. I love the photo of the tree you posted (so much color and such a beautiful tree). I’m Canadian and I still don’t get the way we say “sorry”. I have to check out YouTube for some examples, maybe I’m missing it, eh? 😉 And I enjoy the crazy and weird and obscure things too. I only hope everyone else like them too!

    1. Thanks Jack! I guess we just put a lot more ‘o’ into our sorry’s and less (nasal) ah (but maybe not all the american accents do that?). I’m not convinced our ‘about’ is so different though. I love that tree too — too bad he’s so far away!

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