Writing habits


I’m done draft 2, aka, I can shower, finish taxes, pack for a meditation retreat.

There seem to be two prevalent stereotypes of the “writer”: one that seems to be based on merging the beats, the writers in Paris in Gertrude Stein’s circles and whatever the indie-cool is becoming these days; and the other, messier, smellier, in much need of reminding of the aspects of living (that is, all of them) they’ve forgotten while focussing on their writing.

Using camp nanowrimo’s 50k wordcount and a looming retreat from everything (including coffee, speech and dinner), I finished draft two of ‘With a Chance of Tomorrow’ (still a working title until I find something catchier). The last week was lacking in things like fresh air, lunch, reading, showering, but if I didn’t bend over suddenly I couldn’t smell myself and I got the last 25k done (the last 3k a few times even).

Now, I didn’t focus so much on writing that I didn’t have time for the basic luxuries. Nor really did I wake with such singular focus that I couldn’t see past my computer and coffee to the world beyond. Maybe it’s like the baseball players and their unshaven faces and stinky socks, but simple things like staying hydrated threatened telling the world that I did have time for it and it would suck me back to reality and gone would be the regular 5-10k days of productivity. Whatever the strategy, it seems to have worked well and I’m dazed to be back in the real world (just to leave it again!).

Taxes are done and I’m off to meditate for 10 days. Hopefully I don’t obsess over edits the whole time I’m there! See you on the other side.