Procrastinations (aka I’ve been busy!)



It’s been a whopping month+ since I’ve blogged and I’m back to recount the multitude of diversions.

1) Vipassana retreat. I waffled over writing a post about my meditation retreat, before, during and after it was over, but finally, in all seriousness, a blog is no place to share that (for me anyway). For those interested, by all means look at  for locations and specifics about joining a retreat, or for publications and lectures (many free) about it. 

2) Sewing! The photo montage is only a selection (maybe half) of my projects in May/June — forgive the poor photobooth quality. The missing ones are mostly missing buttons since I only got the crazy glue to fix the “automatic button hole foot” recently. More photos to come with buttons. Every one of the dresses/shirts above come from the “Built by Wendy Dresses” basic patterns with personalized modifications/embellishments. These showcase various projects from the book. I highly recommend them since the fitting is casual and loose and easy to adjust for a nice fit. I have a few jackets from her Jackets & Coats book to showcase after more buttoning. 

3) Road trip planning!!! In just over two weeks, my mom and I leave for a road trip tour of the National Parks in Colorado (en route) and Southern Utah covering in three glorious weeks: Great Sand Dunes NP, Black Canyon of Gunnison NP, Island in the Sky of Canyonlands NP, Arches NP, Needles District of Canyonlands NP, the Valley of the Gods, Natural Bridges NP, Monument Valley, Navajo NM, the Page end of the Grand Canyon (perhaps dipping into Antelope Canyon), the Grand Canyon NP North rim, Zion NP (oh how I love that place since climbing there last spring), Bryce Canyon NP, culminating in a multiple night leisurely exploration along Hole in the Rock Rd of Glen Canyon NP before driving up the Seattle. After much frustration faffing in google maps (it’s buggy after ~10 stops in map planning),  I discovered this wonderful road trip optimizer to plan our route. After inputting coordinates, it ordered our stops to minimize driving time, and spat the route out direct to google maps for saving/directions/etc (5698km in roughly 2 d, 22h, 31m).



Besides that, lots of Heroes reruns (while sewing), reading (for fun, reviewing and my own novel too), and house renos still (deck work is more fun that installing toilets/cupboards/etc). Next step is packing for the road trip and my entire summer in the mountains. In just two weeks, my new home will be my roving tent, my mom’s hyundai (on loan all summer! have I mentioned how awesome my mom is lately? I will again, surely) and my hopefully-trusty wood-burning usb-powering Biolite stove keeping me writing. 


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  1. Ah! Holey moley – look at all the sewing projects! Did you decoupage the pattern onto the shorts, or is that a print?
    I admire the construction skills on display on all the outfits, but that pink flower dress is a real eyecatcher. 🙂

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