Plans are meant to be changed

Great Sand Dunes NP, 2013. Looks like a painting but I assure that it’s real.

After a few days of intense research into a late spring tour of the SW National Parks, just two days into the road trip and the heat had us Canadians fleeing northward from the forest fires in Colorado and the intense heat of Utah. That brought us early in Seattle with time to tour the Olympics, the Cascades and surrounding area. 

As planned.
As executed (so far).

2 thoughts on “Plans are meant to be changed

  1. Even though I know where I am at all times with my GPS in my car, whenever I’m driving in one of these remote places, I fear. What if? What if? These deserted highways have traffic, but how much? And what if I’m driving in the middle of the evening and the car stalls… and, and what if? Thankfully I travel sparingly through deserted ways. When I do, hopefully my phone is working too!

    Great virtual tour of where you’re going, BTW!

    1. I’m pretty new to GPS assisted driving and the lady yelling instructions at me is still annoying 😉 (though I lose access in a couple of weeks to it — good?). So typically, I keep good tabs on the sun and north and the main roads I need to travel (and a lot of spare water in the car! We even travelled with a box of firewood so we could make fire worst comes to worst). T

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