Friendly tree

I’ve developed a habit of personifying houses, first in Vancouver then again in Cambridge, and then trees, and, passing them, they would irrationally cheer me, like seeing an old friend, even if I did pass them twice daily on my commute. It became a game of looking for them only on the days I especially “needed it”, and, when that didn’t come often enough, on the days that still felt special.

Top, Van cheering house; bottom, Cambridge house.

On the hikes up Cerise Creek last week, I made friends with this tall leaning tree alongside the logging road section of the trail. No cheering necessary for me of late, but he does widen my smile as I pass.

He’s crooked but smiling.


2 thoughts on “Friendly tree

    1. Definitely. I go for the quirky ones especially :). Gnarly beech trees were my fav on the east coast; arbutus trees here. Sorry I haven’t been by your site in a while but after a quick jaunt over seems you’re still up to good stuff. Keep it up!

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