Life is an Adventure

Whether it’s three parts internal and seven outward or vice versa or all or none of one or the other, when we truly live our lives, it’s a total adventure. 

Taken during my stay up Cerise creek.

I was watching a climbing video (we climbers do that a lot), a different style of climb however involving the solo bike crossing of Kyrgyzstan to attempt first ascents of many of its peaks.  Watch it if you have time and consider his challenge upon reaching the end of the road. I couldn’t help comparing what I’m doing with what he did (somewhat like comparing my physics self to Feynman or Einstein, but I’ll do it anyway). Writing is hard and scary, not only because it doesn’t pay (yet), but the process itself has to be more honest than I may possibly be capable of, and even if I try and struggle and suffer, I may still fall short and fail. Choosing to take this challenge against a backdrop of mountains may be because they’re a familiar setting for challenge and inspiration to me (not to mention a fairly universal symbol of them too). Are our inner adventures so different from the outer ones? Don’t they ultimately reduce to the same thing anyway?


7 thoughts on “Life is an Adventure

  1. I think our inner adventures are much like (or even more challenging/rewarding) than the outer ones! I have many days where asking myself a tough queston took me through such an emotional rollercoaster that I feel like I’ve been to hell and back! All things start in the mind, so I agree…it all reduces to the same stuff: love and life. Be beautiful!

  2. Thanks for the video, I’m going to watch it later on tonight. Have you ever seen Vertical Limit? It’s one of those thrillers with climbing as the backdrop to its story. It’s an enjoyable movie, but it shows how quickly things can change when climbers don’t face obstacles head-on.

    1. I have and, actually, Vertical Limit is one of those movies we climbers watch regularly to make fun of for how unrealistically they portray our sport. For instance: a rope shearing through metal hangars then stopping on a man’s body in the opening sequence. Same actress as in the Craft, right?

      1. Where Stallone is flying at a wall and shoot’s a bolt gun into the rock to arrest his fall? Haha, equally bad, but less fun to make fun of for some reason.

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