An aside up Mt Rainier

The route leading out of Ingraman flats.
The route leading out of Ingraman flats.

Last weekend I met up with some fellow MITOCers (the MIT outdoor club) to climb Rainier. I didn’t do as well as I should have mostly because of my bad habits of not drink enough water on a climb (that led to 18.5 hrs climbing up, down, and packing out to the cars on <0.5L water — not smart I know). But the sights were phenomenal and the company divine. I look forward to more trips with this group in years to come.

Next “stop”: writing in the Gulf Islands! And I do mean writing now that the worst of the structural editing is done.


3 thoughts on “An aside up Mt Rainier

    1. The bulk of it is: one more step, I can make it, one more step, … Especially this kind of climb which is mostly a long snow slog at elevation making us weak and slow. Excellent for learning the hard art of trudging on!

  1. Gorgeous desolate scenery. Looks like an alien world!
    The duotone colour scheme of the photo is rocking my socks.

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