books on writing

Thanks, but this isn’t for us
Focussing in depth on mistakes with hilarity then summarizing succinctly good practice, this book is incredibly amusing and helpful and sits now on my reference shelf.
booksWords overflown by stars
Chapter by chapter I worked through this book at the UCSB library while there for a month, and, more often than not, each inspired me to write. The topics are standard but the approaches are surprisingly refreshing.
books-1The art of subtext: beyond plot, Charles Baxter
The first and my fav of ‘the art of’ series. Definitely one I’ll go back to.
booksCurious attractions, Debra Spark
Essay collection on random topics. Thoughtful and thought provoking.
books-1The Half-Known World: On Writing Fiction, Robert Boswell
Many interesting ideas. As writers, we don’t have the final say on theme and meaning; but, also, maybe we don’t have a first say either.

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